Marek Choloniewski/Poland

15.10.2003 - 19:00 hod CET, Udolni 19, Brno, CZ

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Marek CHolonewski

born 1953, in Krakow

studied organ, theory of music and composition at the Krakow Academy of Music, where since 1976, has been employed on the faculty of the Electro-acoustic Music Studio (currently as an Assistant Professor of Composition). In 1977 he founded Cracow Society of Contemporary Music Muzyka Centrum, largely engaged in concert work. In 1986 co-founded HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" Freight Train a jazz-rock multimedia contemporary band. He is founder of Studio MCH, co-founder of: the Studio CH&K, doubleMark duo (with Mark Polishook), CH&K&K group and mc2 duo which deals with concert and recording activities. Since 1987 he has been giving concerts, workshops and lectures in Europe, USA, Canada and South Korea. In addition, in 1986, he founded his own annual International Concert Series called "Audio Art" which presented the most important artists and achievements in "sound art" from all over the world. A world renown lecturer, composer, "live computer music" performer, and author of audio-visual computer projects, Choloniewski writes instrumental and computer music for theater, film and radio. He is initiator and artistic director of Audio Art Festival and International Workshops for New Music Cracow/Stuttgart In-between 1993 - 1999 he was an artistic director of the International Academy for New Composition and Audio Art in Schwaz (Austria). Since 2000 he is director of the Electro-acoustic Music Studio of the Cracow Academy of Music. Founder of projects ArtBoat and GPS-Art.
Cofounder of Bridges projekt . In Brno he gave lecture and workshop and performance in Moravská Galerie.

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