Andrew Foster/Canada

09.03.2003, 17:30 CET, Udolni 19, Brno, CZ

workshop / prezentace

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Andrew Forster is a visual artist whose cross-disciplinary work includes a production of Samuel Beckett's "That Time" as well as photography, artist's books, installations, audio work and performance. Collaborative work includes a new design for the entrance to Place des arts (with architects Atelier Big City- projected to be built this year), the performance 'En masse', a movement project for 100 people with choreographer Suzanne Miller, (April 2003 at Tangente, Montreal) and 'PUSH', an installation in collaboration with 4 artists on photography and violence at Galerie B-312, Montreal.

Just out of art school I made an exhibition and a book, an exhibition 'catalogue' in which I invented a biography and works (some of these were my own student work, some of these invented and fabricated to be photographed), wrote a 'fake' scholarly essay (with a Faust-like subtext) under a fake name, all for an artist with my name but born in 1942. I printed a thousand copies and distributed them to museums and libraries here and there, at the time places I thought were important institutions. The whole notion of 'fake' interested me. Perhaps the impossibility to distinguish between a real life or real things and ones however clumsily fabricated. Either could seem perfectly adequate. I think, in retrospect it was an interesting move, not for its relationship to the art practices, such as appropriation, prevailing at the time but rather for some idea of a 'life' as a kind of fabricated fiction and a mistrust of the professional givens of being an artist (or anything else) and their perceived assurance of identity.

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